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Dental Crown

A dental crown is like a cap that encompasses the tooth.  They are used to protect teeth that have fractured or have been previously heavily restored.

  • A crown is made indirectly, in a dental lab and then cemented onto your existing, prepped tooth.  A crown requires two dental appointments. 

  • A crown can be made of either all ceramic (porcelain), gold or metal bonded to porcelain.

  • In the first appointment, your tooth is prepped and shaped so that the crown (cap) fits over it. 

  • Dr. Dickinson, then takes an impression of your tooth and sends it to the dental lab where they fabricate a crown that looks like a tooth.  

  • In the second appointment Dr. Dickinson will cement the new crown and check your bite.

  • If he has used anesthetic, you should avoid eating or drinking anything hot until the anesthetic wears off!

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