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Dental Bonding

   This is a cosmetic procedure which uses dental filling material (composite) to improve the look of the teeth.  Patients who do not want to alter their existing teeth, spend as much money on dental veneers or would like to make very small cosmetic changes have this as an option.

   Tooth coloured composite material is sculpted and used to close spaces between the teeth (diastemas) or change the shape of the teeth.  It is also used to repair a small fracture or change the shade of teeth.

  This procedure is called bonding because the material is bonded directly to the tooth in one visit to the dentist.

How long is it expected to Last?

This varies greatly, depending on how the patient takes care of their teeth and their chewing and oral habits.  Patients must keep up with their routine dental hygiene care and home care and be aware that foods and beverages that stain the teeth can get trapped around the edges of the fillings and cause discoloration to both the filling and the teeth themselves.

Is Dental Bonding Reversible?

 Dental bonding can be reversible if there has been no alteration to your existing tooth structure.  For example, if you have used it to close the spaces between the teeth and the dentist did not remove any tooth structure to do so.

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