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Mini Implants

What are Mini Implants?

Unlike a traditional implant that has 2 pieces to it, a mini implant is one solid piece that screws into the bone with a diameter typically smaller than 3mm (but not always). On the top of the device is a ball-shaped protrusion, which helps support the crown, bridge or dentures.

The Pro’s of Mini Implants:

  1. They are cheaper than standard implants and so is the lab fee on the restoration (crown or bridge)

  2. They can be placed in bone that is typically too thin to place a standard implant

  3. On placement, they compact bone instead of displacing it therefore there is faster healing time

  4. They take less time to restore as they integrate much faster into your bone (4 months instead of 6 months)

  5. The procedure is very quick and painless



The Cons of Mini Implants:

  1. Not everyone is a candidate for one – typically patients require a 3D CBCT x-ray to know whether or not they are a candidate for one. 

  2. If you have recently had an extraction, you will have to wait 3-4 months before placing the mini implant unless you opt to have some bone grafting.

  3. You might not be a good candidate for dental implants if you grind your teeth regularly as it may break them.

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