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Patient 1 - Before
This patient joined our practice because she didn't like her teeth and her previous dentist stated her teeth were "fine". She had lost vertical dimension so we build up the posterior (back) teeth and then crowned the anteriors. She is now scheduled to have the mandible (lower) teeth completed
Patient 1 - After
Patient had lower (mandibular) posteriors crowned and veneers on the upper (maxillary) anteriors
Patient 1 - After
Beautiful smile on our beautiful patient
Patient 2 - Before
Patient had severely eroded and worn enamel and heavily restored teeth that were chipping. The teeth required crowns to protect them and give her a nicer smile
Patient 2 - After
Patient had maxillary (upper) crowns from canine to canine and mandibular (lower) veneers canine to canine and a crown on the lower left second premolar.
Patient 2 - After
Beautiful and healthy smile
Patient 3 - Before
Patient required right central incisor to be removed. An implant was placed but he also wanted to close the space between his front teeth and have a nicer smile
Patient 3 - After
Implant crown was placed on upper right central incisor and then veneers were placed on maxillary (upper) front teeth, canine to canine
Patient 3 - After
Final crown and veneers
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