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NTI appliances/Deprogrammers

What are the symptoms associated with a bite problem?

Sympotoms of bite problems may include:

  • Clenching/grinding

  • headaches

  • neck and shoulder pain/stiffness

Locking/grinding/popping of the jaw on opening or closing of the mouth

  • Pain in the facial muscles

  • Pain in the jaw joint (TMJ)

  • worn biting surfaces on teeth

  • loose teeth with no sign of periodontal disease

  • cracking/fracturing of teeth esp. if found in more than one place in the mouth.

  • Ear ache with no sign of ear infection

  • overly sensitive teeth

  • Notching of the teeth at the gumline

  • An over-closed dentition/bite

What is a Deprogrammer?

A removable dental appliance that prevents the teeth from touching and is used to correct problems with your bite.  I

A deprogrammer can be used as either a diagnostic device or as a device to temporarily relax the jaw and reduce muscle tension, headaches and excess wear on the teeth.

When do I wear the Deprogrammer?

All the time, as much as possible unless you are eating or cleaning your teeth.  You should wear it until Dr. Dickinson tells you not to.

What is a NTI appliance?

An NTI appliance is a dental appliance worn at night to prevent patients from grinding or clenching their teeth and helps prevent activation of the muscles in the face, head and neck.

What is the difference between a Traditional Night Guard and an NTI Appliance?

Traditional night guards allow patients to continue grinding but protect the surface of the teeth.  These night guards do not prevent activation of the muscles and rarely alleviate symptoms associated with bite problems.  NTI appliances prevent patients from touching their back teeth and prevent the activation of the muscles therefore alleviating may symptoms associated with bite problems.

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