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Dental X-Rays

At Toothworx, we use Digital X-Rays

What is a Panoramic X-ray?

A panoramic x-ray is one that takes a picture of the entire mouth including the TMJ, jaw bones (maxilla and mandible), sinuses and all of the teeth, including both the crown and root.

What is a Periapical X-ray?

A periapical x-ray shows the entire length of a tooth from crown to root tip and allows the dentist to diagnose problems associated with the root of the tooth or bone levels around the tooth.

What are Bitewing X-rays?
Why are Panoramic X-Rays important?

Panoramic x-rays are very important for helping diagnose the following conditions:

Panoramic x-rays can be used to treatment plan for the following:

  • Orthodontics

  • Extractions

  • Implants

A bitewing x-ray allows the dentist to diagnose cavities between the teeth in their early stages as well as bone levels between the teeth.

Should I be worried about Radiation from Dental X-rays?

You be the judge...please read

What are CBCT or 3D X-rays?

Dental Cone Beam scans used to produce a 3D image of the jaw, nerve pathways and the teeth.  These x-rays are important for:

  • Accurate placement of implants

  • Determining if root canal therapy is your best treatment option

  • Treatment planning for extractions, particularly for impacted teeth

  • Evaluation of your sinuses

  • Fractures of the jaw

  • Diagnosing TMJ issues

  • Evaluation for otherwise undiagnosed pain

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